07 January 2013

'Epal' Politicos Urged Not to 'Tarpaulinize" Black Nazarene Feast

After pleading to Black Nazarene devotees to support a garbage-free fiesta, the EcoWaste Coalition is now begging politicians not to plaster Plaza Miranda and the processional route with tarpaulins.

“It’s very tempting for politicians eyeing the 2013 polls to use the occasion to sell themselves through ‘happy fiesta’ tarpaulin banners. We appeal to their sense of propriety and defy such a temptation. ‘Tarpaulitics’ has no place in an event whose only focus, should and must be, the Black Nazarene,”said Edwin Alejo, Coordinator, EcoWaste Coalition.

‘Tarpaulitics’ pertains to the brazen use of tarpaulins to advertise the faces and names of politicians or political wannabes for the purpose of establishing familiarity and support among the electorate, the EcoWaste Coalition said.

“We ask politicos from all the contending factions not to ‘tarpaulinize’ what should be a celebration of unity in faith,” Alejo added.

Propaganda tarpaulins, according to the EcoWaste Coalition, only add to the enormous fiesta clutter and trash that will have to be managed or disposed of sooner or later.

“Tarpaulins do not lead to a ‘happy fiesta.’ In fact, tarpaulins are a nuisance that can confuse the spiritual message of unity, block the public view of the procession, harm the trees and muddle up the bridges, electric cables, lamp posts and structures where the tarps are usually fastened or hanged,” he said.

Instead of spending for worthless tarpaulins, the EcoWaste Coalition proposes to well-meaning politicians to divert funds meant for printing and putting up tarpaulins to:

- provide devotees with free meals in biodegradable or reusable packaging

- pay for extra personnel needed to help in sweeping the Quiapo district clean
- provide for waste segregation bins or sacks in appropriate spots, as well as pay for volunteers who will look after the bins

- support barangay environmental law enforcers to catch and fine litterbugs

Politicians can also help in the post-fiesta cleanup of littered streets and in the removal of unsightly banners and buntings in the area, the EcoWaste Coalition added.


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